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        My name is Erick Reyes CEO of My company EMP Productions (Erick Media & Photography) which focuses on content creation relating film and photography. Im a latino Film Director, Editor, Cinematographer & Photographer from the Bronx New York. I been into film for years but never knew how much i really loved it. i been holding a camera since i was about 8 years old. I have a huge passion for film, and it is an amazing feeling when you or someone has a vision and it is your job to make it come to life. In 2014-15 was where i decided to actually take film seriously I quit my job and started to persue my dream.  I never thought i would where im at today, Its amazing what you can do in such small time. Ive met people in which i thought i would never meet. Ive worked hard, or rather i still work hard for everything i have and want. One thing you should always know is that no matter what you should never underestimate yourself and never give up. Your more powerful then you think. Success is pretty easy, All you have todo is actually want it and work hard for it. You keep going, Untill you get where you want to go and even then you keep going. My goal is to inspire others follow their dream, Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Peace & God bless.